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  • Beautiful Couple

    Beautiful Couple (GHI708)

    This is a very nice and perfect gift item to your nears and dears.....
    Rs 899.00
  • Krishna playing Flute- Brass Statue

    Krishna playing Flute (I1405)

    Krishna cross legged posture playing his hypnotic flute...
    Rs 6,642.00
  • Dancing Couple

    Dancing Couple (I1978)

    Beautiful dancing couple enjoying their duet dance...
    Rs 18,522.00
  • Charming Ganesha

    Charming Ganesh (I1232)

    Sitting on Lotus, Beautiful brass Ganesha is spearding the blessing ...
    Rs 2,536.00
  • Buddha face

    Buddha face (I1903)

    Buddha with long ears which are symbol of greatness and mark ....
    Rs 1,854.00
  • gentleman playing golf- Brass Statue

    Gentleman playing Golf  (I2003)

    Well dressed wearing suit and scarf and high boots playing golf..
    Rs 4,896.00
  • Sensuous Girl- Brass Statue

    Sensuous Girl (I2018)

    Unique piece of Brass sculpture can be gifted on any occasion...

    Regular Price: Rs 4,212.00

    Special Price: Rs 2,999.00

  • Hanuman Ji- Brass Statue

    Hanuman Ji (I1573)

    Sitting in stone is spreading his blessing with his right hand ...
    Rs 1,908.00
  • Buddha in Lotus Position

    Lotus Position (I1916)

    This Earth touching pose shows Buddha seated in the lotus position...
    Rs 972.00
  • Blessing SAI BABA- Brass Statue

    Blessing SAI BABA (I1742)

    Sai Baba calm posture, is blessing to his devotees with ...

    Regular Price: Rs 5,022.00

    Special Price: Rs 4,500.00

  • Romantic pair of Deer

    Romantic pair of Deer  (I2158)

    Pair of deer is made is made of fine qualities of brass.
    Rs 5,490.00
  • Dolphin Pair- Brass Statue

    Dolphin Pair (I2186)

    Most intelligent creatures on Planet Earth, Messengers for the Gods...
    Rs 864.00
  • Ship of desert- Brass animal statue

    Ship of desert (I2180)

    Camels have lived in some of the most desolate corners of our planet ...
    Rs 1,890.00
  • Beautiful Deer

    Beautiful Deer (I2156)

    Awesome gift to give some one special...

    Regular Price: Rs 5,292.00

    Special Price: Rs 4,650.00

  • Lord Krishna- Brass Statue

    Lord Krishna (I1391)

    Lord krishna, standing awry in cross legged posture playing ...

    Regular Price: Rs 1,836.00

    Special Price: Rs 1,249.00

Items 1 to 15 of 35 total

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