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  • Ganesh with Laddu- Brass Statue

    Ganesh with Laddu (I1016)

    Ganesha in a sitting position, with ONE BIG LADDU is looking ...
    Rs 1,008.00
  • Lord Krishna- Brass Statue

    Lord Krishna (I1391)

    Lord krishna, standing awry in cross legged posture playing ...

    Regular Price: Rs 1,836.00

    Special Price: Rs 1,249.00

  • SAI Baba- Brass Statue

    SAI BABA (I1734)

    Baba is giving the message "Let love flow so that it cleanses the world" ...
    Rs 1,782.00
  • Buddha in Lotus Position

    Lotus Position (I1916)

    This Earth touching pose shows Buddha seated in the lotus position...
    Rs 972.00
  • Blessing Hanuman- Brass Statue

    Blessing Hanuman (I1594)

    Hanuman sitting in stone is spreading his blessing ...

    Regular Price: Rs 2,673.00

    Special Price: Rs 2,300.00

  • Dolphin Pair- Brass Statue

    Dolphin Pair (I2186)

    Most intelligent creatures on Planet Earth, Messengers for the Gods...
    Rs 864.00
  • Jumping Frog- Brass statue

    Jumping Frog (I2173)

    Good luck to have a frog show up in your home and if heard outdoors ...
    Rs 684.00
  • Symbol of wisdom- Brass Statue

    Symbol of wisdom (I2164)

    Personifies Water, Moon, Mother-Earth, Time, Immortality, and Fertility...
    Rs 1,116.00
  • Tortoise - Brass Statue

    Tortoise (I2163)

    Symbol of wisdom, and able to defend itself on its own...
    Rs 1,764.00
  • Ramadhuta- Brass Statue

    Ramadhuta (I1576)

    Ram devotee Hanuman passinate in the Bhajan of Shri Ram...
    Rs 3,744.00
  • Artistic face of Lord Ganesh

    Lord Ganesh (I1021)

    Artistic face of Lord Ganesh is crafted in Brass is very ...
    Rs 900.00
  • Ganesha sitting on beautiful swan

    Ganesh Sitting on Swan (I1012)

    Small idol of ganesha sitting on beautiful swan giving
    Rs 1,404.00
  • Tortoise- Brass Statue

    Tortoise (I2162)

    Madeup of Brass suitable for decoration.
    Rs 1,764.00
  • Tortoise - Brass statue

    Tortoise (I2165)

    Symbol of wisdom, and is able to defend itself on its own...
    Rs 806.00
  • Dolphin

    Dolphin (I2185)

    Most intelligent creatures on Planet Earth and messengers of Gods...
    Rs 4,554.00

15 Item(s)

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