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  • Deer

    Deer (I2157)

    Very appropriate gift for decore home...

    Regular Price: Rs 10,260.00

    Special Price: Rs 8,650.00

  • Blessing Buddha

    Blessing Buddha (I1922)

    Sitting on lotus blossom with sacred water in his left hand and with ...
    Rs 3,285.00
  • Sensuous Girl- Brass Statue

    Sensuous Girl (I2018)

    Unique piece of Brass sculpture can be gifted on any occasion...

    Regular Price: Rs 4,212.00

    Special Price: Rs 2,999.00

  • Venus de Milo Bust

    Venus de Milo Bust (I1970)

    A soft warm substance of the human female body...
    Rs 6,012.00
  • Mother of Liberation

    Mother of Liberation (I1956)

    Tara devi represents the virtues of success in work and achievements...
    Rs 14,697.00
  • Lord Ganesh- Brass Statue

    Lord Ganesh (I1330)

    Suitable statue of sweet Ganesh for hanging on the wall ...
    Rs 4,590.00
  • Duck pair

    Duck pair (I2146)

    A cute duck pair is symbol of peace made of fine qulaity of brass
    Rs 2,934.00
  • Goddess Laxmi- Brass Statue

    Goddess Laxmi (I1751)

    Laksya", meaning 'aim' or 'goal', and she is the goddess of wealth and ...
    Rs 8,235.00
  • Cowherd Krishna- Brass Statue

    Cowherd Krishna (I1389)

    Krishna with cow playing his flute ....
    Rs 2,934.00
  • Blessing SAI BABA- Brass Statue

    Blessing SAI BABA (I1742)

    Sai Baba calm posture, is blessing to his devotees with ...

    Regular Price: Rs 5,022.00

    Special Price: Rs 4,500.00

  • Lord Krishna- Brass Statue

    Lord Krishna (I1391)

    Lord krishna, standing awry in cross legged posture playing ...

    Regular Price: Rs 1,836.00

    Special Price: Rs 1,249.00

  • Ganesh on Leaf- Brass Statue

    Ganesh on Leaf (I1324)

    Beautiful Ganesh statue on Peepal's Leaf for hanging ...
    Rs 4,743.00
  • God's Messenger- Brass Statue

    God's Messenger (I1982)

    An angel came from heaven on the earth to pass ...
    Rs 29,412.00
  • Calm Buddha

    Calm Buddha (I1917)

    "Bhumisparsa Mudra", touching the earth as Buddha did, to invoke ....

    Regular Price: Rs 3,156.00

    Special Price: Rs 2,599.00

  • Beautiful Deer

    Beautiful Deer (I2156)

    Awesome gift to give some one special...

    Regular Price: Rs 5,292.00

    Special Price: Rs 4,650.00

Items 1 to 15 of 35 total

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