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  • Sai Baba sitting on stone

    Baba sitting on stone (I1736)

    Sai Baba is giving message to all his followers about peace ...
    Rs 1,368.00
  • Cowherd Krishna- Brass Statue

    Cowherd Krishna (I1389)

    Krishna with cow playing his flute ....
    Rs 2,934.00
  • Krishna playing flute- Brass Statue

    Krishna playing flute (I1390)

    Krishna playing with his Flute is made up of fine quality ...
    Rs 2,853.00
  • Makhan Chor- Brass Statue

    Makhan Chor (I1399)

    Gopiyon ke sang Raas rachave standing awry in cross ....
    Rs 3,978.00
  • Ganesh with Laddu- Brass Statue

    Ganesh with Laddu (I1016)

    Ganesha in a sitting position, with ONE BIG LADDU is looking ...
    Rs 1,008.00
  • Tara Devi

    Tara devi (I1949)

    Tara devi represents the virtues of success in work and achievements...
    Rs 6,336.00
  • Maya Devi- Brass Statue

    Maya Devi (I1953)

    Mayadevi was the birth mother of the historical Gautama Buddha...
    Rs 4,158.00
  • Girl reading diary

    Girl reading diary (I1958)

    Brass statue of sweet girl who is reading her diary...
    Rs 5,490.00
  • Girl in Dancing Mood- Brass Statue

    Girl in Dancing Mood (I1959)

    Girl in dancing mood holding flowers in her hands...
    Rs 5,724.00
  • Girl flying bird- Brass Statue

    Girl flying bird (I1960)

    Soft hearted girl is freeing the bird from case...
    Rs 6,372.00
  • Sweet Girl holding fruit basket

    Girl holding basket (I1961)

    Girl holding fruit basket and going to her home...
    Rs 9,036.00
  • Romantic Boy- Brass Statue

    Romantic Boy (I1963)

    Awesome decor sculpture of Romantic boy standing on stone
    Rs 5,904.00
  • Cute Kashmiri Girl- Brass Statue

    Cute Kashmiri Girl (I1966)

    Kashmiri girl in jolly mood wearing beautiful Saree...
    Rs 6,768.00
  • Dancing Little Boy- Brass Statue

    Dancing Little Boy (I1977)

    Dancing little boy is made of fine quality of brass...
    Rs 2,142.00
  • Dancing Couple

    Dancing Couple (I1978)

    Beautiful dancing couple enjoying their duet dance...
    Rs 18,522.00

Items 1 to 15 of 39 total

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